The List

Join us this Sunday as lay leader Tara Hawkins speaks to us about a way to be happier, healthier, and smarter. Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists is a lay-led congregation. Rather than relying on a full-time minister, members and friends of our congregation and invited guests, … read more.

Poetry as Ceremony


Star Coulbrooke, Logan’s poet laureate gives us a homily/presentation titled Poetry as Ceremony. An excerpt:

“Poems express the depth of human emotion through scenes and images created from our most harrowing or sorrowful or joyous memories. Poems help us find meaning in those memories, meaning that … read more.


Our Sunday service will be a combination of a ‘This I Believe’ and some insight into pagan traditions relevant to this time of year. Sondra Scott will be sharing her thoughts with us.

The “This I Believe” series provides an opportunity for members and friends of … read more.