Sunday School

10am – 11am

Children’s Hall (downstairs)

Children are invited to join the Sunday worship service upstairs in the main sanctuary at 10am. During the service they are called to the front to enjoy a delightful story or meditation. They are then sung downstairs to begin their Sunday classes.

Children’s Religious Exploration Program

(Ages 3 to 12)
Through beautiful and thoughtful lessons, children are invited to explore and gain a greater understanding of our Seven UU Principles, their own beliefs, as well as an understanding and acceptance of other’s beliefs.


(Ages 1 to 3)
Children who are too young to participate in class can be cared for in our nursery, which is full of age-appropriate toys and play sets. Children under age 1 are welcome to stay with their parents in the main sanctuary during the service.

story time

Children listen to a story during a celebration of animals event


Fall Festival 2015


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