Past activities CVUU has hosted or participated in

CVUU held a service dedicated to the International Day of Peace. We had a wonderful speaker for that day, original music, and the dedication of CVUU’s peace pole, located in the CVUU backyard.

  • Created a brochure about the International Day of Peace from the United Nations
  • Explanation of the IDP made by Pathways to Peace
  • Watch the movie “Peace One Day”
Isabel Katana and Jay Black celebrate
Longtime member of CVUU Isabel Katana initiated the CVUU social justice prize.

Longtime member of CVUU, Isabel Katana, was the first recipient of the CVUU social justice prize.

A Celebration of Isabel’s life took place at CVUU July 8, 2008 on what would have been her 95th birthday.

The Isabel Katana Center for Social and Environmental Justice was dedicated in her honor.

cake with Celebrating Isabel in icing on top
Celebrating Isabel

Peace March following 9/11 – Many Members joined in peace marches on the anniversaries of the start of the Iraq war

Alternative Gift Market – CVUU sponsored and organized the Alternative Gift Market for several years and continues to do so

Movie Night presentation of “John Lennon versus the USA”. This film showed how the government and immigration office was being used to silence critics of the Vietnam War

Friday night services included a presentation by Iraq war veteran and Peace activist Marshal Thompson

people gathering to celebrate the erection of the peace poll in the backyard at CVUU
Peace Pole celebration
peacepole with May Peace Prevail on Earth inscribed in the wood
The Peace Pole was erected at CVUU on the International Day of Peace – 9/21/08.

2008 CVUU Social Justice awards:

  • Marshall and Kristen Thompson of A Soldier’s Peace
  • Brenda Chung of Cache Valley Peace Works
people holding War is Not the Answer sign
Members and friends of CVUU participated in a peaceful 2008 Peace Rally to oppose the War in Iraq.
people marching peacefully holding signs and banners on the sidewalk next to Main Street in Logan
2007 Peace Rally to oppose the War in Iraq.

Members, friends, congregants, children and our minister all chipped in to provide $4500 to the Hispanic Center.

This money was earmarked to provide much needed support to the Latino community after an Immigration raid at the local meat packing plant.

We also provide partial to complete subsidies to groups whose activities and goals are aligned with Unitarian-Universalist principles.

We are allies of the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Association.