Speaker: Jordan Leary

Uncreated: Being Human in the Age of AI

Think of this as a public service announcement about the wonders and risks of Artificial Intelligence, which is advancing at an alarming pace and will be transforming our world. I’ll be demonstrating some of AI’s incredible capabilities, exploring its benefits and dangers to society, and sharing personal reflections about its impact on human creativity, beauty, and meaning. Meet in-person at CVUU or online through Zoom on Sunday at 10:00 AM. Masks are not required, but are welcome

This I Believe

Long time CVUUers Jo and Jordan Leary will present a “This I Believe” service. The “This I Believe” series provides an opportunity for members and friends of CVUU to reflect upon beliefs and core values that guide us in our daily lives and to share the diversity of beliefs of our congregation. Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists is a lay-led congregation. Rather than relying on a full-time minister, members and friends of our congregation and invited guests, give of their time and talents to provide our worship experience, mirroring the diversity each of us brings to this community.