The Cache Valley Community Alternative Gift Market this year (2021) will have in-person ordering after the services at CVUU on  11/14, 11/21, 12/5  and maybe 12/19. These days you may pay with cash, check or credit card. If these options are not convenient we hope you will join us in giving through our Crowdfund Virtual Gift Market!

Finish your holiday shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home. Choose from the many humanitarian and environmental causes to give in honor of your loved ones (see 2021 projects at ). You will receive gift inserts for each donation, similarly to when we hold the market on-site. The gift inserts can be downloaded or cards and inserts may be mailed to you from the Alternative Gifts office (with handling/shipping cost).

If you would like to gift by phone, please call Alternative Gifts at 800.842.2243 and tell them you’re ordering through Cache Valley Community Alternative Gift Market.

Alternatively, if you email with your card order I can print inserts and select cards from our stock available locally and arrange for mail, pickup or drop off. See the locally available cards below.

The need for your support continues to grow and we hope to see you in person this year or next!

Cards available locally include: