Do you do any of your shopping at Natural Grocers?

If so, consider buying gift cards through CVUU to use for your shopping there.  It’s the same cost to you, but if you buy gift cards from CVUU, 5% of the amount you spend is donated to CVUU!  When many of us participate, it adds up to an important contribution to our community.

You don’t have to be a member of CVUU to participate.  Even if you don’t attend CVUU regularly, but just value the presence of this resource in our Logan community, consider this as a way to show your support for the values and programs we encourage, like comprehensive sexuality education for teens, safe space for LGBT and homeless youth in our community, and a community where personal spiritual journeys are supported and respected.

Gift cards come in $25, $50, and $100 amounts.  Some people buy a regular amount each month; others just purchase a card when needed.  Contact Lorien at 435-770-2413 if you are interested.

And hey, you get gift cards with cute little owls on them.

photo of a Natural Grocers gift debit card