CVUU could not operate without the generous gifts of time and talent of our members and friends.

More information about the Action Teams can be found in the column to the left.

Team Leads

Art: Susanne Janecke

Cache Community Connections: Tara Hawkins, Julianne Larsen

Childcare / Children’s Program Assistant (staff): Kirsten Mara

Children’s Program Coordinator: Jordan Leary

Communications / Newsletter / Outreach: Susan Buffler

Community & Caring: OPEN
– Fellowship & Hospitality: OPEN
– Caring: Jim Evans

Environmental & Social Justice Team
co-chairs: Paul Rogers, Jenny Norton

Building Manager: Liz Berke
Grounds: Jean Lown

Finance / Administration: Lorien Belton

Lay Leader (staff): Tara Hawkins

Organizational Coordinator (staff): Susan Buffler

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education Program Coordinator (OWL): Lorien Belton

Sundays@cvuu Coordinator: Susan Buffler

Sunday Music Coordinator (staff): Lyndi Perry

Worship Associates Coordinator (staff): Sondra Scott


Please use the contact form to the right to get in touch with any of our team leads.