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Unitarian Universalism: A Marriage of Humanism and Theism. How’s It Working?

Overview: Unitarian Universalism marries Humanism and Theism. Though they share many values, humanism and theism face fundamental incompatibilities. Their epistemologies (how they find truth) starkly differ.  Humanists, largely atheists and agnostics, comprise 45% of UU’s. They look to science, reason, and empirical methods to understand their place in the world. Theists, making up much of the remainder of UU’s, look to sources like tradition, prophecy, divine guidance, and holy texts to understand their place in the world. This dynamic tension creates some yin/yang-like synergies. It also creates conflicts that distract from the many values both camps share.

After reviewing some pertinent background, participants will be invited to share their personal experiences regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the theist/humanist marriage and ideas about how to deal with the challenges entailed.

About the presenter: Dave Christian is a local psychologist. He was raised as a devout Mormon. After serving an LDS mission to Spanish-speaking immigrants in Australia, he became a Humanist. He first participated in the UU Church in Jackson Mississippi in 1991, and later in Moscow, Idaho. He has participated sporadically in CVUU since his return to Cache Valley in 1998.