Longing for Transcendence

Join us in-person at CVUU or online through Zoom on Sunday at 10:00 AM. We ask that those attending in-person wear a mask.

We will be sharing a sermon from the Soul Matters materials: Longing for Transcendence by Rev. Shari Woodbury .

“Perhaps more than motivating me to seek transcendence, this growing awareness of the limits of my time here actually generates a momentary, felt sense of transcendence. It pushes me to identify with more than my little self – to identify with a transmission of love and genes and lifeways down the generations (represented by my child). To identify with the great pageant of evolution on earth of which I am a part (represented by a fossil). Those are ways of breaking out of the constraints of my circumscribed identity as an individual. I think rather than having a God-shaped hole (h-o-l-e) in me, perhaps I have a God-shaped whole (w-h-o-l-e) … an intuition that I belong to something greater. And a learning through experience that dissolving into this larger sense of self brings fulfillment and relief…”

Return Again (#1011)