Dear All,

I’d like to call attention to the wisdom and pertinence of the meditation on joys and concerns we read together each week:

We gather in this community, sometimes in fear, sometimes in trust, sometimes, in joy, but always in hope that we can support and strengthen one another in our common quest for healing and wholeness.

In light of recommendations by national health care agencies to reduce gatherings of large groups of people to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, as well as in accordance with suggestions from the UUA, CVUU’s Board made the decision to suspend in-person Sunday services through the month of March. This is based on CVUU’s commitment to the health of its members and the broader community. A lot is uncertain, but here’s what you can count on from us in the next three weeks.

Continued Worship & Spiritual Practice

Despite the practical need for social distancing, we recognize that our wholeness extends beyond just our physical health to one’s spiritual wellbeing, too. To address this, CVUU will:

  1. Send out a regular nugget such as a poem, talk, or reflection chosen by members and friends to keep in perspective that goodness is more infectious than the coronavirus. Collective joy, reflection and insight are powerful.
  2. Work to develop alternatives for Sunday Services that can be engaged in remotely or in small groups. More on this next week.

Care and Community Available

CVUU also recognizes that it is precisely in the times when social systems and structures are taxed that there is the greatest need for both logistical and emotional support. Because of this, we are working to bolster our care committee to offer help to those in need.

  1. If you or someone you know are in need of help such as grocery shopping, getting to medical appointments/getting prescriptions filled, childcare, etc. please communicate your needs to our Care Committee chair, Jim Evans ( | 435-760-9318).
  2. Please also reach out to Jim if you are someone who is willing to help with meals and errands for others. Another way that you can help is by hiring those in the community who have found themselves out of work or forced to take leave without pay for yard tasks, childcare, or those house projects you just can’t seem to get to.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Here are some points of contact:

  • Anne Hedrich, (Board President):
  • Lorien Belton (Treasurer):
  • Jim Evans (Care Committee):

Stay healthy,
Emerson James