Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion

The talk this Sunday is about how the fashion industry is unsustainable, the effects it has on the environment , and what we can do about it. So often, we’re disconnected from how the things we purchase are made, and we don’t get to see … read more.

The Gift of Interdependence

The April 7th service will be a discussion on the gift of interdependence.  Our interconnectedness with each other and our planet is undeniable

“May we love the earth not as an object—beautiful nature to pass through—but as a complex, miraculous subject that we … read more.

Egg Hunt, Potluck and Planning

Join us for a shortened service followed by and egg hunt, a potluck, and an opportunity to give input and ideas on future CVUU services.  All are welcome!


Meet in person at CVUU or online through Zoom on Sunday at 10:00 AM.