Liberating Love Discussion

Join us on Sunday for our discussion on Liberating Love. We will discuss the following questions and also work on a way of liberating your love toward others, by writing a letter. What did love mean to you as a child? How has love changed as you’ve gotten older? Is it softer? Quieter? Larger? Tougher? Sneakier? More central? More painful? More universal? More ordinary? More mysterious? More demanding? Whose love has companioned you the longest? Has love ever scared you? What most helped put you back together after love broke you to bits? We know that self-love and self-care are essential. But which part of yourself most needs love and … Continue reading Liberating Love Discussion

Flower Communion

Join us for our special Flower Communion and Mother’s Day service! Bring a flower to share from your home or one found in nature. The Flower communion service was created by Norbert Capek (1870-1942), who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. He introduced this special service to that church on June 4, 1923. For some time he had felt the need for some symbolic ritual that would bind people more closely together. The format had to be one that would not alienate any who had forsaken other religious traditions. Join us for CVVU’s version of this service. Meet in person at CVUU or online through Zoom on Sunday at 10:00 … Continue reading Flower Communion

Pluralism Discussion and New Member Ceremony

In many ways, pluralism could be considered the cornerstone of Unitarian Universalist philosophy. It embodies each principle and represents a future that can only be built on togetherness. Join us for a discussion service on Sunday, May 5th, where we will explore how pluralism extends beyond diversity, while welcoming several new members in our Membership Ceremony! Meet in person at CVUU or online through Zoom on Sunday at 10:00 AM.