Sprituality / personal growth

Spirituality of “The Tale of Desperaux”

Join us this Sunday as Sondra presents a homily on Spirituality of the Tale of Despereaux! Refreshments and conversation after…if the spiritual mice don’t eat everything first 🙂

You Don’t Look Sick

The world is a busy place and we are busy, overburdened people. It is easy to lose sight of compassion amid the rush – especially if the person in front of us seems fine. We will take a look at the difficulties faced by those with unseen ailments, and the need for compassion.

Sense of Place

Join us for an exploration on what is sense of place, why is it important, and how do you create it.

This I Believe: Finding Beauty in the Brokenness

Becca Johnson will present “Finding Beauty in the Brokenness.” She will talk a bit about her spiritual background, but will mainly focus on what she’s learned in grief and healing and how to be resilient.

Separation of Church and State

We will examine how our current political landscape has impacted both this long term principle of our democratic government and how we consider our own congregational work.

Gratitude and Reframing

This Sunday we’ll be talking about why happiness is important and two of the best ways to become consistently happier: gratitude and reframing.