Sprituality / personal growth

This I Believe

The “This I Believe” series provides an opportunity for members and friends of CVUU to reflect upon beliefs and core values that guide us in our daily lives and to share the diversity of beliefs of our congregation.

Growth Mindset

This Sunday’s service is about a Growth Mindset, based around information from Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Please come ready to ask questions and have a short discussion. Join us for refreshments and conversation following the service.  

That Tough Stuff We Don’t Talk About

This Sunday, we will be talking about how we handle the tough things in life — the stuff you’re a little afraid to admit is going on in your life or your family, even though we all have some kind of skeleton lurking and stressing us out. The service will be made richer by every person who attends. Hopefully, we will come away feeling more supported and part of something strong and loving.

Beautiful Chaos

This Sunday we will explore the artistic process with music from Salduro, Music Director Lyndi Perry will say a few words, and creation will abound. Come and enjoy creative chaos with us!

Reflections on Nature

Join us for Reflections on Nature with special musical guest Robert Linton. Bring your favorite reading, quote, song, photo, or other vessel of meaningful nature to share with the congregation.      

Life Long Learning

This Sunday’s homily will be about the importance of balancing work with play. Join us for refreshments and conversation following the service.