Social justice

Logan Pride

Jess Zamora and other members of Logan Pride and The Interfaith Committee will speak this Sunday. Join us for refreshments and conversation following the service.

Power, Privilege, and Perspective

We will reflect on “Power, Privilege, and Perspective” together and ponder how our individual micro-scale fits into the bigger picture of a global community.

Spirituality of Jazz

Jon Gudmundson and 3 of his very talented friends will join us to explore jazz music. It will be mostly music, so come ready to enjoy! (For some people, that might include earplugs, and no offense will be taken.)

Father’s Day

This Father’s Day Tara will look at how Patriarchy undermines fathers and Feminism supports them. When talking about Feminism we usually focus on how circumscribed women’s lives are and how equality would change that. Tara will look at how men’s lives are just as rigidly circumscribed and how this is a detriment to us all.

Separation of Church and State

We will examine how our current political landscape has impacted both this long term principle of our democratic government and how we consider our own congregational work.