Tara Hawkins

Father’s Day

This Father’s Day Tara will look at how Patriarchy undermines fathers and Feminism supports them. When talking about Feminism we usually focus on how circumscribed women’s lives are and how equality would change that. Tara will look at how men’s lives are just as rigidly circumscribed and how this is a detriment to us all.

Centro Hispano

Ben Philips of El Centro Hispano will speak about the work they are doing in the community. Join us for refreshments following the service.

Gratitude and Reframing

This Sunday we’ll be talking about why happiness is important and two of the best ways to become consistently happier: gratitude and reframing.


Join us this Sunday for an inter-generational Easter service. The homily will ask that age-old question: What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Jesus? We will be reading the children’s story, “The Attack of the Easter Bunnies”. An egg hunt will follow the service (baskets will be provided).

Fertile Ground

This Sunday we’ll discuss biology as destiny: societal pressure to be womanly, what that means, and how it affects us all. Let’s talk about changing this pattern. Please come prepared to share your thoughts and feelings.

The Dream of White Innocence

Due to the low attendance last week, we will be reprising that service this week. This Sunday we will be pondering what went wrong in the Civil Rights movement. Why are black people subject to the same terror now that they were 50 years ago? Tara be reading the Rev. William G. Sinkford’s brilliant sermon, “The Dream of White Innocence.”