Lorien Belton

Power, Privilege, and Perspective

We will reflect on “Power, Privilege, and Perspective” together and ponder how our individual micro-scale fits into the bigger picture of a global community.

4th Sunday Lecture: Teaching Social Justice

Dr. Jess Lucero of the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology at USU, will share how she brings real-world learning about social justice concerns (fair housing and other complex issues) into the classroom. Come and be inspired!

Bridging Differences

This Sunday we will have a chance to explore the events of the last two weeks and what this means to each of us.With a focus on healing and all that healing entails, I ask you to join us this Sunday. Please come and bring your feelings and hopes. They are all welcome.

Empathy and Violence

This Sunday, we’ll be talking about how violence and empathy interact in our world, and we’ll explore as a community what we can do to model and teach empathy to make the world a safer place.

A Diverse Spiritual Community

This Sunday, we’ll explore the idea of our spiritual diversity as a community — what that looks like, how we relate to it in our everyday interactions, and how we express it to others. See you at 10 am!