Jennifer Courtwright

Sense of Place

Join us for an exploration on what is sense of place, why is it important, and how do you create it.

Beyond the Partisan Divide

Join us this Sunday for a lively, respectful discussion of the difference between liberal religion and liberal politics. We will be discussing how UUs can better bridge the liberal/conservative divide and truly become a liberal religion, where discussions of all political ideologies and are welcome.

A Brief History of Islam

It is increasingly important that we understand our Muslim neighbors, and there is much that we as Unitarian Universalists can learn from this faith, which has perhaps grappled the most of all religions with trying to wed religion and politics to create a just and moral society.


Please join us this Sunday as we explore the topic of forgiveness. “Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.  


The Sunday Service scheduled for January 8th has been cancelled due to potentially hazardous weather conditions. We will reschedule the service on Forgiveness for a later date.

The History of God

Join us this Sunday Oct 23rd for a discussion of Karen Armstrong’s book “A History of God”. Armstrong explores the origins of the three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam with discussion on how their concept of God was born and how it evolved and was distorted over time. As part of the 4th Sunday Lecture series, this service will be 15 min longer to allow for a lively and provocative discussion on how we view “God” as Unitarian Universalists, when we have members that include atheist, secular humanist, Buddhist, pagan, and Christian.