The Cache Youth Resource Center (CYRC)

Jess Zamora

This is a great opportunity to learn about the Cache Youth Resource Center program and how it is helping LGBTQ youth.

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This I Believe

The “This I Believe” series provides an opportunity for members and friends of CVUU to reflect upon beliefs and core values that guide us in our daily lives and to share the diversity of beliefs of our congregation.


When I Say, “God”

By Tara L. Hawkins

When I think about God, I consider how small things can get; that we are made up of bits of energy and information so small that it is impossible to imagine them in our minds. Dr. Seuss's “Horton Hears a Who” is a delightful example: the Who's whole world fits on a speck in Horton's world. Obviously, the Who's world is made up of even tinier bits, and so on to abstraction. Read the full testimonial.

This I Believe

I am very pleased to get the opportunity to participate in our This I Believe series.

In recent years, as I have listened to the NPR series of TIB on the radio, I have often reflected about how nice it would be to take the time to articulate my own beliefs (for I have rarely done this systematically, and never in writing). Read the full testimonial.